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Alice Cooper once said of David in an interview: "Girls were passing out at our concerts but for different reasons......people would be shocked to see David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Micky Dolenz and David Cassidy - he [David] was a real party animal.......We respected David, he could sell out the Dodger Stadium and that gives you a lot of respect."

Kim Carnes: “Writing [songs] with David was the way it was supposed to be, a really neat experience. He wanted so much to be proud of his music. He had great integrity and knew what he liked. He really wanted to show people more what he was about musically. He wanted to stretch out.”

Gerry Beckley: “I co-wrote Take This Heart with David for the Home Is Where The Heart Is album. I played it for David and he added a bridge to it; I co-wrote Bedtime with him for that album. David is across the board; capable of doing lyrics and music. He’s a great piano player, a good guitar player, a nice lyricist and he’s got a great voice.”

Henry Diltz: “He really is a great guy and I had great fun travelling around the world with him. I've been photographing David since the early 70s, he's a great entertainer and deserves to be in the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame."

Yoko Ono: “He is a delightful person.”

Eric Carmen: “David is one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met. He was completely wrecked by being a “teen idol”. As great as it was he could never be taken seriously as a musician….he was MUCH more talented as a writer, and as a singer, than anyone ever gave him credit for.”

John Bahler - vocal arranger on David Cassidy solo work and with The Partridge Family: “I don’t think he knew how good he was. He was an entertainer as well as a singer and that came across on tape.”

Bruce Kimmel - actor, writer, director and composer: "Happy to sign this [Induct David into RNRHOF petition] for David."


Award-winning actor Kevin Bacon: "My first love was rock and roll. That was the real fantasy. If someone from rock and roll walks in the room, my knees start shaking. When I was a kid, I only wanted to be a pop star. I wanted to be David Cassidy. I didn’t care about being a movie star. Part of my idea of what an actor was came from teen magazines. Part of me wanted that. The glamour. The girls. I didn’t even watch that many movies. I was obsessed with rock shows.”

Jann Wenner: “There seemed to be a certain something about David that was more special than the rest of the teen idols – there was a little ring of authenticity there, he was just a cut above the other teen idols. There’s a real validity to the people that we put on the cover [of Rolling Stone]. We knew that the issue would do well.”

Shirley Jones: “David Cassidy was the biggest star of that genre in his time.”

Rob Lowe - actor:  He was once asked in an interview if there was a TV show growing up that had an impact on him. His answer: "When I was a little kid I was very partial to The Partridge Family. I fashioned my haircut after David Cassidy for many, many years."

L. Russell Brown - songwriter: When asked to describe the voice of David Cassidy: “An indelible sound….one of the most under-rated artists of all time.”

Paul Anka: “The creative dynamic is what really counts….that’s what makes us what we are.”

Harriet Schock - songwriter: “David Cassidy deserves this.”

Petula Clark: “We all know David is a great pop singer, but the music in the play [Blood Brothers] was not particularly poppy. David made [the songs] sound totally fresh and wonderful because it was David. He is a perfectionist and they are people who are a bit tortured because they can never quite reach the point where they think they have got it right.”


Gina Lollobrigida: “I met him in Melbourne when I was there to promote my book “Italia Mia” and to attend, as a guest of honor, a TV awards ceremony. I discovered that David was coming to give a series of concerts. The concert took place in an open stadium, the Melbourne Cricket Ground and was filled with about 50,000 young girls, their ages ranging from 12-18. At least 300 girls fainted during the concert, and many of them were taken to hospital. I saw all this with my own eyes. His success really came to fruition when he became a singer. He quickly became the adolescents’ idol. He really is something of a phenomenon."

Bruce Johnston: “Working with David was good and bad news. The good news was that he was red-hot from his days on The Partridge Family and that was also bad news. He had to live down the image of him as this cute, long-haired teen idol. Some people weren’t ready to accept that David had a lot of depth in his artistry.”

David Robushi - musician: “He is a true entertainer in every sense of the word. His sold out performances around the globe are legendary. He was influenced by many & he has influenced many himself. One of the great voices of our time. David has continued to play to crowds large & small & always manages to leave you smiling. Let’s help put him where he belongs. As his buddy, Alice Cooper has said, even the rockers had to show him a little respect once he began selling out Dodger Stadium and many others, No question, he influenced me early on and made me want to perform.”

Beverly Weinstein - Executive VP of Production, Bell Records: “Of all the bands we had, David Cassidy was one of the nicest. As a live vocalist, he held his own.”

Danny Bonaduce: “Robert Plant, Mick Jagger, David Cassidy. They scream rock ‘n’ roll to me.”

Shawn Oliviera - musician: “They are so right – without David Cassidy I would not have a musical career.”

Bill Kenwright: “Blood Brothers got the worst reviews ever in New York….I lost a lot of money…..but I saved it…..I got David Cassidy and his brother Shaun, and Petula Clark in. The following week it went from $50,000 loss to $150,000 profit. It was the miracle of Broadway.”

Elliot Mintz: “He was an extremely articulate, candid and fascinating interview subject who was always willing to share his thoughts.”

Frank Fabio: “Rocked the world with him for 14 years, hundreds of successful concerts.”

Patti Cohoon - actress: “I  was so very excited when I was booked on the Partridge Family. I had been acting for quite a few years and thought that I could no longer be star struck......until I met David in person. Now, I was a few years younger than David so, even though he was very nice to me, we didn't talk too much when I was shooting my episodes. I do remember him always brushing his hair. He had a brush in his back pocket at all times when he wasn't on camera.” 

Leigh Ashton - singer: "David Cassidy King of Romance. My vocal on my composition, Tanya, which charted in 1977 in South Africa was influenced by David's vocals. He is still my favourite vocalist. The most emotional sensitive singer of all time."

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