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David Cassidy's Legacy

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No rock star captivated the world quite like David Cassidy. A  true professional who chose to let his raw talent, dedication and humility define him, he was an extraordinary musician and entertainer whose dynamic stage presence was made remarkable by his grace off it. David was unique, a young man who was the embodiment of the all-American boy, who went on to work with some of the best musicians in the business and carve out for himself a career of unimaginable success.

David always demonstrated unquestionable musical excellence as an abundantly talented musician, singer, songwriter, producer and performer. The television series which launched his singing career only served to reveal his considerable talent which had a huge impact musically on the world. His good looks and shag style haircut changed the face of hair fashion.

His back catalogue of previously unreleased solo work is yet to see the light, but when it is the continued resurgence in his work will make the world realise how huge his talent really was.

Remastered vintage concerts released as part of a David Cassidy deluxe boxset of his glittering career would also illustrate further the massive impact he had on the world in the 1970s. You can learn more about this, and sign the petition to get these and more material released on this site.


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