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If David is to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the panel will have to get past the screams. As a Radio Luxembourg DJ and Programme Director over 16 years, I met and interviewed Cass on many occasions, his LA home, Burbank studios, on tour in Europe and on the London balcony of Radio Luxembourg as police on horseback contained the fans blocking the street and disrupting central London traffic.

In my career I interviewed Elvis Presley twice, the Beatles as individuals, Jagger, Zeppelin and most of the icons we admired across the precious 60’s, 70’s and 80’s decades. That was my job.  I have been Honorary President of the Elvis fan club for 40 years.  I have staged the DMC World DJ Championships for 30 years so that, today, my music epicentre is hip-hop.  But I still derive the guilty pleasure of listening to Cassidy’s voice from back in the day.

I always regarded David as an actor who smoothly moved into his great love, music, just as did Ricky Nelson and The Monkees and, like Ricky, he was gifted with a unique voice and a mellow style which floored the millions of fans who clamoured for all he did.

If the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has respect for the accomplishments of those who gave their careers to music and influenced millions of teenagers to get into music, then David should be a candidate for something he deserves and would undoubtedly Cherish.

I’m aware that David Cassidy was thankful but quite frustrated that the fans obscured critical acclaim for his music.  That frustration led to his premature retirement but then after a period of contemplation, his love for making music once again got control.  He’s still at it today.

I’m behind this petition because I believe the RRHF has to elevate and reveal to history those who became icons in their time.

And no heartthrob was more committed to making great music than David Cassidy as can be seen in the numerous awards I once presented to him.

Yours for Cassidy.
Tony Prince

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