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David Cassidy's Legacy

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In the 1970s, David Cassidy was the biggest superstar on the planet.  David has sold over 30 million albums and collected more than 24 gold and platinum records. This includes four consecutive multi-platinum albums.

No one would ever have guessed the laser beam trajectory of his career. Musically and culturally he changed everything and opened the floodgates for future male solo singers to follow. The history of American music is incomplete without David Cassidy.

Fans are calling for the David Cassidy Essential Collection which reflects his career and its longevity in the form of his impressive back catalogue of solo work. This includes unreleased tracks, different versions of some of his most popular songs, demos and live recordings which were never released. There is a wealth of material available from his long and expansive career which fans would pay a fortune to own.

Complement this with the release of remastered video footage with surround audio sound from his concerts in the 1970s where he performed to sell-out audiences across the world at Madison Square Garden, Houston Astrodome, Melbourne Cricket Ground plus venues in Japan, Europe and the United Kingdom. No one came close to David's dynamic stage presence. The world needs to understand how huge he was.

The other highlights in this treasure trove could also feature the hundreds of songs - many previously unreleased - from the Partridge Family catalogue. These were more than just pop music but the music created with some of the best songwriters, musicians and producers working alongside one of the greatest stars of pop and rock from the past 50 years.

Long to see David Cassidy inducted into the Rock ‘n' Roll Hall of Fame….sign here!

Love David Cassidy and want to see old concerts remastered, hear unreleased, remastered songs....sign here!

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