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CHERISH David Cassidy
                 A Legacy of Love 
Available now!

A captivating portrait of a man loved around the world, told through the eyes of love. This book is a collection of heartfelt stories from his loyal fans around the world, musicians and actors who worked with him and friends.  

     Contributors—including Neil Sedaka, Richie Furay, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, Alan Merrill, David Hamilton, Bruce Kimmel, Mat Gurman, and more—explain in their own words the deep impact David Cassidy had on their lives.

     Fans recall concert experiences, recount chance meetings, and reflect on the ways in which David made the world a brighter place. Spanning his early career as a TV star on The Partridge Family to his legacy as a pop icon, friends write with love and respect about his immense talent and share examples of his unfailing generosity and unexpected acts of kindness.

     This stimulating and evocative keepsake volume also features 250 color and black-and-white images, including many previously unseen photographs. Profound, poignant, and deeply moving, Cherish is a celebration of the life of David Cassidy and the legacy of love he left behind.

     Louise Poynton was brought up in Sussex. At the age of 19 she became the first woman to win a nationwide contest for young reporters: the prestigious Sir William Lyons Award, run by the Guild of Motoring Writers.

     She went on to work on several local, regional and daily newspapers as a news reporter and has more than 40 years’ experience with the written word, holding every senior position up to Assistant Editor. For more than 20 years she was a Sports Editor on regional newspapers and has been freelance since 2012.

     Her work has appeared in lifestyle magazines and national newspapers. Louise has been a David Cassidy fan since 1971.

     Cherish, published in hardback April 2020, is available  from your favourite online retailer or order through bookstores worldwide.


Hal Eisenberg - Musician and Author 

I'm truly honored to have been part of this incredible tribute to David Cassidy, by Louise Poynton, who has done an extraordinary job of celebrating his life and talent through stories, pictures and sketches from fans worldwide. This is the ultimate Cassidy fan's dream book, and is one of the finest tribute books I've ever seen.


What a beautiful tribute. I just love it!!

Sandra Alan-Lee – Actress


Author and editor Louise Poynton

"So colorful. . . . It is so entertaining."

Goldmine Record Collector's Magazine

David Hamilton - Broadcaster

Louise has done a great job with this book with interviews with David Cassidy fans all over the world. Wonderful photographs, and she has captured the complex personality of one of the great singing stars of all time, who I got to know when I compered his UK tour in the Seventies.

Scott Hicks -  Film Director and Screenwriter  

I’m really impressed with the production values, the layout and print and paper quality - it is a really high-quality book. I’m very pleased to be a participant in what must surely stand as the definitive tribute to David.  


Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal  -  award-winning vocalist, songwriter, recording artist, producer and guitar virtuoso 

CHERISH is the ultimate tribute to David Cassidy, sharing memories and rarely seen images by many people whose lives David affected in positive ways. The turn of every page takes you back to a time when David was playing the soundtrack to your life. CHERISH truly warms the heart and deepens the appreciation for who he was, and the lives he touched. 

Roslyn Currie (Amazon)

5.0 out of 5 stars Fabulous book. Every David Cassidy fan should get a copy..❤️

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 12 July 2022

Just one amazing beautiful book written and compiled by a true David Cassidy fan..about Davids fans and what he meant to them…a must have book in my opinion..fantastic stories and photos and letters of meeting David, knowing David or just loving David from a distance, like most of us….
A book that truly acknowledges everything David Cassidy was about…obviously his amazing talent to entertain us through all the years. But also his spirit, his kindness, his vulnerabilities, his honesty, his values, his generosity.
Thank you Louise Poynton, for a much treasured book.

Paul Lennard (Goodreads)

This Book is a long awaited dream of a book for fans of David Cassidy. At last they can share their memories and lives with so many others who remember what this great Man has brought to us around the world. Highly recommended for any David Cassidy Fan or anyone who really wants to know how much he was loved, not just for his looks, but his great music and Talent.


Regina Chapman (Goodreads)

I am absolutely in awe of this wonderful tribute to David Cassidy. Who didn't love David Cassidy back in the day? This book is full to the brim of beautiful loving memories and love letters to this man and his talents. Friends, fans, colleagues alike sharing their feelings about David Cassidy and what he meant to them.

The photos are stunning and many have not been seen before. There was one that I actually had to stop and take a breath, it was that gorgeous!

Louise takes us all back to those days of mass concerts, posters, music albums and the excitement with all the stomach butterflies!!

I am so proud to call Louise my friend. She has been driven by her love of David for years to put something wonderful together and she has done in it spades! I thank Louise for allowing me to be a small part of it.

Even if you are not a huge fan, this book is worth reading. It's beautifully arranged and put together. It even has a ribbon book marker in pink! It's ready for your coffee table!!

The pages of collages are simply heart stopping. You will find something new each time you open the book. I have enjoyed reading the letters and stories from all who contributed.

Some are heart breaking and some made me laugh so hard! You will enjoy every moment of this book.

Thank you Louise for doing this for David and for us the fans.....I can't say it enough!

Karen Byrom - Journalist

A book that pays tribute not just to David, but to his fans around the world. . . . His loyal fans will never forget him or his music.

This beautiful hardcover book is a testimony to that, with more than 250 full-colour pages of photographs, drawings, anecdotes, poems, tributes and more. It's a wonderful celebration of the life of a man who is loved, mourned and missed by family, friends, colleagues--and of course his fans.

Their tributes make for fascinating reading. . . . Take a look--maybe your memory is in there, too.

Sam (Amazon)

5.0 out of 5 stars A Must Have For Fans!! ❤️

Reviewed in the United States on 25 July 2020

Book is unique in a sense that its written by the fans. Their are so many books about David's life, but this book focuses mainly on the fans that have loved and admired David for years. From personal experiences at concerts, to fan clubs, personal friends, etc.... David was loved and admired by millions and this book really tells that. The photos are stunning!! Its a beautiful book and a must have for fans. Thank You Louise Poynton for creating this magical book!! 

Alice Huskisson (Goodreads)

In the last ten years or so of David's life, I (and many fans) were hankering for a 'coffee table style' book crammed full of pictures of David.

There was talk of the famous photographer Henry Diltz putting one together but it never came to anything... and then, along came Louise Poynton!

Being a lifelong fan of David Cassidy, Louise understands entirely what every fan desires, and as a result has collated a stunning, colourful, collection of memories, tributes and photos (many never seen before).

The book itself is a large hardback, attractively cloth bound with a pink ribbon bookmark, and the pages are printed on high quality paper - it is a stunning book for anyone to own, fan or otherwise.

Some of the memories are incredibly moving, all are touching - I find myself smiling a lot when reading some tributes, but underneath the joy of being able to share in such glorious memories, I feel a great sadness, for David, that despite the abundance of love out there for him, he always seemed to be searching for acceptance and love. I feel he never truly believed people loved him for who he actually was, but rather a charicature created by 'Keith Partridge' that he could never shake off.

The truth is though, after reading this book, it couldn't be more clear, that he was admired for his talent which many understood was severely underrated, and loved for his big heart and his very kind soul, the real David.

I wish he could have held this book in his hands and read everyone's contributions - I am sure he would have been moved to tears, happy tears.

This truly is is a 'must have' book for any fan, but it is a page turner for non-fans too, due to how attractive the book is, inside and out. Many readers will be enlightened.

Massive congratulations Louise, and thank you so very much for such an amazing gift to all those who loved this beautiful man. If I could have given more than 5 stars I would have done so, and I would have paid more too. I will treasure this book forever.

Lindseyjupp  (Gooodreads)

At last a wonderful book about David Cassidy from his fans’ memories of him and the effect he had on their lives. Beautifully collected together memorabilia, photographs and tributes, Louise Poynton has made this book a true legacy of love!

Lisa (Goodreads)

Such a wonderful book.

Full of beautiful photos and wonderful stories from Davids fans. Love my book!!

BarbC (Goodreads)

There are no words to describe how wonderful this book is. Maybe it’s because there were no words to ever describe David Cassidy. This wonderful compilation of essays— some written by people I have come to know over the past few years— is a love song to David. If you’re a fan since the 70s like I was, you’ll see yourself in a lot of these pages as you read all the different feelings and experiences people had. For those of us who read the magazines, saved his ticket stubs up to 2017, and have every CD up to Songs my Father Taught me, you’ll feel like you did back then when you see all the great collages of pictures and the amazing personal photos all through out the book. When the time comes, years from now, bury me with this book please. 

Sandie Leeming (Amazon)

5.0 out of 5 stars A must for all DC fans and all those who remember the 1970s

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 30 April 2020

This book is as it says a legacy of love and memories of David from fans and other professional people in the music industry who either knew David personally or were influenced by him. A really great read.

The book has been compiled by Louise Poynton with lots of love and care. A must for all of David's fans throughout the world and those who want to have an insight into why David Cassidy has been so loved and cherished by so many for over 50 years. A lovely hardback with some great pictures. Great value for money

Katrina (Amazon) 


I couldn`t be more pleased. At last a book with Attention to detail of every aspect of Davids life through the eyes of his fans. Endless pictures of David throughout his life, which is what we all want really isn`t it.

As Fans we mainly know David`s life anyway, but for anyone that would like to get to know David that doesn`t, then this is for you. I have not yet read it as it only arrived today. Excellent value for money. Excellent Quality, It even has a book mark attached for a book mark. Thank You Louise Poynton.....

Jessica Maynard 


From when I heard that this book was gonna be published I was so excited to read all the cherished memories of David from the fans through the years, it's an amazing book so well written Louise did an awesome job doing this hands down.

This book is something I will treasure forever. I'm one of David's younger fans since 94. I highly recommend reading this.

This book is not leaving my side 💖

J. Brozic (Amazon)

5.0 out of 5 stars HEAVEN!

Reviewed in the United States on 26 June 2020

Absolutely stunning tribute to a special, beautiful soul! The abundant pictures are gorgeous treasures. The stories are deeply touching and demonstrate how one person---angelic, loving, spectacular David Cassidy--can inspire and bring light to so many lives! The section where David talks about his spiritual views is so comforting. I can feel his sweet spirit cherishing this book!

Lynn (Amazon)

5.0 out of 5 stars Simply stunningly gorgeous talented David Cassidy book - a must have for all his many many fans.

The most amazing wonderful book about the greatest pop star of all time the late great talented gorgeous stunning genius that is David Cassidy.
There are so many wonderful unseen pictures and stories in this book , i simply love love love it!

Wendy Readdy (Goodreads)

I am over the moon with this book. It gives you a true picture of David, his fans and what he meant to us all. I feel so close to him right now. Makes me feel very emotional yet very very Happy. Well done to Louise.

Bonnie Stripe (Goodreads)

Cherish is a book that of course will be cherished by fans of David Cassidy. It will also be loved by those who lived through the 70’s, people who wonder what it was like to adore a musical icon from afar and anyone who wants to read a genuine book of what David Cassidy meant to the world.
His fans together with people who knew him and those who admired him have contributed to this rich and varied book.,it is at times sad, funny, happy and much much more.
A book to be read again and again. It has something for everyone to relate to. Snuggle down in a comfy spot, open the cover and dive into a world where you will discover how one man affected so many lives and enjoy this amazing book. I know you will.

Sharron L (Amazon)

5.0 out of 5 stars Great value , Great Quality and Packed with Stories

Just a fabulous book for any David Cassidy Fan . So many memories, so many fabulous pictures and the fans stories are heart warming. A book to be truly cherished forever .

Amazon Customer

5.0 out of 5 stars A fitting tribute

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 6 June 2020

Verified Purchase

I admit it, l loved David Cassidy, and even today the sound of his voice takes me right back.
Radio Luxembourg fading in and out and me hoping that the signal would remain strong until the song had finished. (Those were the days before the BBC started playing the Partridge Family songs and Luxembourg was the first).
This book is a fitting tribute to a man whose life wasn't the happy fairy tale we hoped it would be, and anyone who saw the documentary about his final days would have been saddened by the way it ended.
It brings back memories of a more innocent time, and l thoroughly recommend it to any David Cassidy fan.

Barbara (Goodreads)

CHERISH is such a refreshing and beautiful read about David. This is the first book that I’ve ever seen or read to truly emulate the feelings and sentiment of not only his fans but those of his peers. I am honored and proud to be just a little piece of David’s legacy not just in all of my teenage years but as an adult appreciating his talent, growth, and kindness to everyone he met. Louise Poynton has fully exemplified all of it in this extraordinary book. Maybe David never really knew if he truly made people happy which is what he always wanted in his life. Well, this book answers that question, “Yes David, you most definitely did”.

Warren Kurtz (Goodreads
Contributing Editor
Goldmine – The Music Collector’s Magazine

British author and editor Louise Poynton shares the impact of David Cassidy and The Partridge Family on fans worldwide through their stories, photos, and sketches in her colorful and entertaining new Unicorn Publishing Group book Cherish: David Cassidy A Legacy of Love. We also learn from musicians and songwriters about the impact and inspiration David was to them. Richie Furay and Neil Sedaka both share their heartfelt stories about David recording their music. Another touching segment comes from the artist Randy Fung and the memorial billboard he created upon David’s passing in 2017. Louise has spent years gathering information for our education and enjoyment. It is a one of a kind fan based book.

Karin Tokyo (Goodreads)

It’s a fabulous tribute book to David Cassidy filled with love of his fans, friends and people he worked with.
A very beautiful book with many colorful pages including unseen photographs.
It’s a bit heavier than I expected in a good way. It’s simply because of high quality of paper but I feel like it’s because this book is packed with much love of his fans.
I enjoyed the contributions from his fans around the world. How David Cassidy has touched, what he meant to his fans.
I found a lot in common when reading some contributions, no matter country his fans were in.
I thought I was the only person who had collected magazine and newspaper cuttings even if the name David Cassidy in print, but I was wrong, I was not the only person. That made me smile.
Reading such stories and memories from his fans brings back my teenage days and it evokes happy feelings and my memories.
Thank you so much for such an amazing book to all those who loved David Cassidy.
I’ll cherish this beautiful book forever. 

Wanda McCarthy (Goodreads)

Cherish: David Cassidy—A Legacy of Love is a lovely book full of never before seen pictures and memories from both fans and contemporaries from the world of a Rock ‘n Roll. Interviews with David Cassidy’s musical contemporaries make clear what his fans have known all along David was underrated as a performer.

Cherish is the first publication about David that truly focuses on all the uplifting times in David’s life, and there were many to focus on.

Since David Cassidy’s death, fan groups have put benches in his honor in Saratoga, NY, Hammersmith Park, London, UK, and in Australia. Plaques have been put up in London, Nottingham, UK, and at David’s former home in Florida. Many fans can’t get to those memorials to pay their respects to David.

I am exceedingly overjoyed with the publication of Cherish: David Cassidy - A Legacy of Love. With Louise Poynton’s book there is finally a David Cassidy memorial that I and every other fan can have and hold near to our hearts for our very own.

When we are missing David, we can open the book. We don’t have to travel 9 hours to see a bench, or 18 hours to see a plaque. Not that those things aren’t wonderful and important, because they are.

It’s just that this is much more personal. It’s like having a memorial with us. Congratulations, Louise! Your book gives David Cassidy the recognition he deserves.

This book is a must read for any David Cassidy fan. 

Diane Oswin (Goodreads)

Ever wondered what it was like to be excited and hopelessly in love? And to feel this way at a time when music was at its best - and when there was an escape from boring school and life?.... Well open the cover of 'Cherish: David Cassidy - A legacy of love' and you will know THAT'S what I'm talking about!
The cover draws the reader in. It is beautiful and opulent. The engaging face of the achingly handsome David Bruce Cassidy - actor, singer, songwriter, performer, consummate pop idol, and embodiment of perfection for so many school girl crushes, myself, sister, friends and even, my mother! She got to meet him and stole HIS heart. It's in the book!
Look inside, it is like looking at hidden treasure ..... remember, before our lives took over? It is all in here! Photographs, posters, poems, drawings, memorabilia, concerts, shows... and the fan mags!
Louise Poynton, a passionate DC fan herself, gives us a unique opportunity of asking friends and fans of David about what he meant to each of them. She wasn't disappointed, and neither is the reader. It is very revealing that, to this day, fans still hold on to David's memory with memorabilia from the 70's, ticket stubs, rosettes from the concerts, letters, diaries, drawings ....
There are so many accounts of musicians whose careers took off because of David's influence. The heartfelt excitement of fans actually getting to meet him, and their creativeness at making this happen!
A quote from the book 'A friend of my parents gave me a poster of David in 1971 and I just melted.
That's when it started.' Even when David's stardom apparently faded, the love for him never died. There are so many stories and memories of how David influenced millions of lives. There is no getting away from it: David had many troubled times in his life, and stardom for him was a mixed blessing, which maybe amplified his sense of not perhaps feeling fully loved and understood. If he could read 'Cherish', instead of 'How Can I Be Sure?', we could all make him realize where he stood with us... and so many others. Could it be forever?.... Oh yes!

Cindy Davis (Goodreads)

From the moment I learned this book was becoming a reality I was beyond excited. Now while in the process of reading it I realize it's truly everything I thought it would be and then some. It's wonderful to read of all the love and happiness David Cassidy spread to his fans over the years especially in our own words! I am so proud to be a part of Cherish: David Cassidy - A Legacy of Love.

Telling my story of why I'm a David fan and how he changed my life was a beautiful soul searching time for me. I'm so grateful to everyone who shared their stories, and especially to Louise Poynton for making this come true. I feel David is very proud of us all for keeping his legacy alive in the positivity he most surely deserves.

I highly recommend this book. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up!! 

Gwen Mitchell (Goodreads)

Been a long time waiting on a book dedicated to David Cassidy....being a fan for 50 years....waited on anticipation on it arriving... and was well worth the wait....all true fan stories....gorgeous new pics I'd never brilliant....I ordered another keep for my own collection signed...and one for under my coffee table which I lift when the urge takes go back in time....a book that David soo much deserved....a big thank you Louise Poynton

Jackie Goldsmith (Goodreads)

This book is the equivalent of a time machine for any teenager who was lucky enough to live through the 1970s when David Cassidy was at his peak.
I was taken aback by the strong memories it evoked of how I felt back then (and still do!) and comforting to read just how many others were feeling the same.

Rather naively I thought it was just a female following he had, but it was good to see how many male fans David had and how many people he inspired to take up singing or play a musical instrument themselves.
Louise Poynton has done a wonderful job of compiling so many fascinating stories, pictures and memorabilia from the height of Cassidy mania.

It is heart breaking that David Cassidy is no longer with us and there is no denying he was a huge talent who was
under rated.

It would have been fascinating to see what musical direction he could have taken if he had of worked with David Bowie.

Sadly we will never know, but at least we have the legacy of his music and velvet toned voice to keep us going. This is a book I will pick up again and again when I want to transport myself back in the time machine and revisit the memories of the 13 year old me! Cherish - a legacy of love is a must for all David Cassidy fans. Enjoy!

Robin Silva (Goodreads)

This precious book met all my expectations n more Louise's book is amazing. Done with love. All the pictures in it and accounts of those that met him, or loved him, and beautifully written from the heart. Looking at all the beautiful pictures in it, makes my heart go aflutter, just like it did when I was 15, back in 1970. I recommend it highly to anyone that loves David. Ready to read it a second time

Alison Haines (Goodreads)

A truly beautiful book in every way, full of unseen photos, memories from David’s peers, from fans worldwide; words don’t do it justice. A weighty volume full of love to be cherished, just like David Cassidy himself. A must have for anyone touched in their life by David Cassidy’s magic.

Lizbeth Pierce (Goodreads)

David Cassidy fan or interested in a fans point of view of why he was admired so much, this is the book for you. Cherish A Legacy Of Love, is written by the fans, friends and colleagues of David. The love that is poured out in their own words about their love and admiration for a very talented man. He brought people together through his music.
I am honored to share some of my photographs and a few stories in this book. Thank you Louise Poynton for putting together a true Legacy of Love.

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